Monday, 24 September 2012

Wood Shop Safety

Personal Safety Within Your Wood Shop

When it come too creating these woodworking projects, most people just want to go ahead and get stuck in. However, one issue which should be never over looked is the issue of Work Shop Safety.

Within any home work shop, there are many hazards that can easily cause an accident or even worse. So you should always just take a few minutes to assess your work shop or wood shop for any issues that may lead to an unwanted incident.

Safety issues within the wood come in many forms:
  • Dust
  • Fumes
  • Tripping Hazards
  • Unprotected Blades On Machinery or Tools
  • Excessive Noise
  • and the list could go on...
 Losing some fingers or even a hand can happen in the blink of an eye, and you won't realize what happen till its too late.

So spend a few minutes assessing your work shop & work area before starting any operation.
Try and avoid any unnecessary distractions while using any of your tools or woodworking machinery within your workshop.

If you need to stop working on a machine or tool, switch it off and give it blade or bit a time to fully stop before trying to adjust it or remove a piece of timber. It only takes a few seconds and is worth the wait!

As the old saying goes, "Your health is your wealth". 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Woodshop Ideas

Home Woodshop Ideas

Whether your a DIY professional or a budding home wood hobbyist, then having a space of your very own in which you can create and bring your home wood projects to life is essential.

Ideally you would require a dedicated home woodshop which is separate from your house or even a decent sized garage, although if you are finding yourself stuck for space, then a spare room could become your new workshop.

Below I've outlined some sample woodshop ideas which you can take into consideration when designing your own shop layout that suits your particular needs.

Garage Woodshop Idea:

This workshop was designed by a friend of mine, who uses his 22' x 22' garage as his hobby shop. And let me just say that he has created some amazing looking woodworking projects in it.

1. Unisaw
2. Jointer
3. Metal / Wood Bandsaw
4. Belt Sander
5. Radial Drill Press
6. Scrollsaw
7. Lathe
8. Thickness Planer
9. Router Table
10. Dust Collector
11. Dust Collector Cyclone
12. Woodworking Bench
13. Corner Workstation
14. Cabinets / Counters
15. Air Compressor / Shop Vac
16. Hand Tool Boxes
17. Clamps Rack

Initially you may not have all the tools & machines that you want, but over time you will build up a nice collection of your very own, so ensure you leave enough space for your additional workshop tools will will come over time.

Home Workshop Layout

The above layout is compliments of, and is more suited to those with restricted space for the woodshop. It makes great use of the available space and makes for a both practical and safe workshop & working environment. For a full detailed and explanation of this design, check out their Home Workshop Layout